About Karin

Karin was a horticulturist in a past life and while she still actively gardens in her backyard (as well as raising hens for eggs and fun!), she chose bodywork as a career path. Being an avid athlete she knew about the benefits of receiving massage, but after graduating from massage school she was astounded by the benefits of giving massage.

In 1998, Karin started doing Pilates after chronic leg injuries from trail running and cycling, and was immediately hooked. Pilates completely changed her body and her mind and she decided this was a perfect adjunct to her massage training.  She added a certification course to her repertoire.  Flash forward to the present, and a chance TRX workout at a friends studio.  This workout “blew her mind” leading her to delve into the TRX certification process and add it to her tool belt.  TRX is a fantastic adjunct to any training regimen as it builds true functional strength by challenging the core and stabilizer muscles that we THINK we are using, but in fact, are not.  It is also a fun and challenging program that you can do for just 20 minutes a day and get great results, perfect for the busy schedules that so many of us live with today.

“Melding both pilates and massage in my practice gives me a unique perspective of the human body and how it works giving me the tools to assist the client in breaking chronic pain patterns and also reducing stress.”

I’ve been working with Karin for almost 8 years and she has kept my body moving and free of injuries.  She is very prompt and reliable and very caring, and has a great sense of humor!  She really knows her stuff and continues to study.  She’s the best! ~~ Libby P.


2013- Qualified Level 1 TRX Suspension  and Group Fitness Trainer

2012 –  Balanced Body Certified Instructor
2nd certification process

Orthopedic Massage 1& 2 training with Whitney Lowe

2000 – Pilates Inc.
600 hour Pilates training program

1995 – ASHA
630 hr. Therapeutic, clinical sports and neuromuscular massage training